Look for the Good

This world is filled with darkness, pain and challenges…Illness (physical and mental), car accidents, getting laid off, losing loved ones, financial struggles, divorce/separation/break ups, (just to name a few) PLUS the everyday struggles that come along with being human (unexpected bills, running late, problems at work, relational struggles, being overwhelmed/stressed/anxious, etc.). Every time I turn around it feels like something is falling apart, not working out, or stressing me out. Life is seriously hard. Hard stuff happens to each of us every day, sometimes every hour of every day. And this will always be the case, until the day we die. Real uplifting stuff right?!


We live amongst hardships and pain so it’s easy to live with a negative mindset; it is natural but this is not how it has to be. There is good to be found every single day. It can be really hard to see the good amongst all the bad, but I promise if you look  it’s there. The good in your day may be taking your dog for a walk, finding a quiet moment to yourself (as moms we know how rare this is!), having movie night with your kids, getting lunch with a friend, or enjoying a hot cup of coffee before the day begins. These are all good and beautiful blessings (which are often overlooked) that bring joy to our lives.


But that’s not all the good we can find in our lives. It may sound crazy, but there is actually good in the bad parts of life as well. If we look hard enough we can find good hidden in the bad. For every experience we go through we can focus on the good or we can focus on the bad. I tell me son (and myself!) to “look for the good” when something bad happens. Whether we see the good or bad in a situation is up to us. Here is an example that happened to me earlier today….


About 3 weeks ago we adopted a little dog named Honey into our family. Long story short, we had an emergency vet appointment this afternoon that ended in no answers to what was wrong with Honey, a $500 bill (which is ALOT of money for me), my son screaming and crying because we missed the movie we were supposed see and a harsh reminded that I’m doing this all on my own. I left the vet office with tears running down my face feeling stressed, overwhelmed and alone (I was focused on the bad in this situation). When I got in the car I decided to “look for the good”. I took a breath and thought what good could be in all of this. It’s good Honey is alive and she has medicine that will hopefully heal her body. It’s good I have some extra money coming in this month to help with the bill.  It’s good we can see the move another day since I’m off work this week. And this is a good opportunity for me to show my son first hand how to handle it when something upsetting happens (because I was upset too!). Looking for the good completely changed my perspective and attitude. The situation hadn’t changed, but I had. I drove away feeling so much better than when I was focused on the bad.


But that’s still not all… not only can we look for the good, we can look for God. God gives us the sweet blessings in our life and he also gives us the ability to see the good in the bad times. God is good and he gives us good. So when I “see the good” I always thank God for it because James 1: 4 tells us Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights. Let’s be real, it’s not always easy to see the good, some things really suck! But the more we practice this the easier it becomes. I have opportunities to practice every day in the big challenges (being a single mom, finance struggles, mental health issues) and the small challenges too (running late, messing up at work or loosing my temper with my son). I hope you can look for the good too today, and everyday!


Leave me a comment about a time you were able to look for the good. And until next time, Let’s Live Bright!

August 7, 2019
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