Musical Motivation: 100 Bad Days

AJR is one of my favorite bands. They have upbeat and relatable songs. I’ve seen them twice in concert and they are so much fun! One of my favorite songs of theirs is 100 Bad Days. It’s a song about how things go wrong in life and it sucks. But it is those very things that make up our stories and who we are. So instead of fearing the bad days we can embrace them.


100 bad days made 100 good stories. 100 good stories make me interesting at parties. Oh, I ain’t scared of you, no I ain’t scared of you no more! 


I love this. I love the realness of this song. They admit that life is hard and we all have bad days; but the bad days don’t need to define or stop us. This is one I listen to on repeat when I’m having a rough day. The words encourage me and the beat kills those bad vibes. Thanks AJR for reminding us that the hard times are actually adding to our life, our stories and ultimatetly our successes too.


Check out the video below and let me know what YOU think.

May 25, 2019
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