I was cleaning my room the other day when I found some old papers. As I started to go through them one stood out to me. It was a collage I had made when my then 2 year old son and I needed to move. It was a very scary and stressful time.  We needed to move out of the home that we shared with roommates and find somewhere else to live. This was the only home my son had ever known. We didn’t know where we would go or how we would afford it.


I created a collage of pictures of our dream home. On the paper I wrote “hope, trust, believe for our new home”. The pictures were of a small home but it would be ours. I placed the paper on my wall and looked at it every day. It reminded me to trust God and that He would provide for us. I prayed often about this.


It was 3 years later now and I had completely forgotten about this paper. So looking at these pictures brought back a lot of memories and emotions. Something in particular jumped off the page at me. It was the couch in the living room picture. It was the exact same couch I just purchased the weekend before! And this was an even bigger deal because this was the first piece of new furniture I had ever bought. I love second-hand pieces, but when our old couch finally came to its final days I decided it was time to buy a new one. Seeing the same exact Ikea couch on the page before me brought tears to my eyes.  It reminded me in a powerful way of how God answered my prayers for a home for my son and me.


God has answered and provided so much for me and my son on this journey. And I know he will continue to! God is so good! But sometimes I need a little reminder of this. So I  decided to keep the paper and start a Remember Box. It will be a place I add things like this that help me remember the prayers God has answered and blessing he has given me.


Even when it doesn’t feel like it, we have so many blessing. I challenge you to think back and remember how God has answered some of your own prayers. Maybe even make your own Remember Box. What items would you add to your Remember Box? Comment below, I would love to hear from you!


Psalm 77:11 I will remember the deeds of the Lord, Yes I will remember the miracles of long ago.

April 20, 2019
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