A Spot of Sunshine Devotional #5

God is in her, she will not fall. 


Have you ever heard this verse before? I have it posted on my bathroom mirror and the front of my planner. It’s so perfect isn’t it? It’s encouraging, empowering, and woman focused-it can’t get much better than that! There is only one problem…this verse isn’t in my Bible.


While I was planning my next post this particular verse came to mind and I knew I had to write about it! It was made for us single mommas!  So I googled the reference, got comfy on my couch and opened up my bible-ready to highlight the heck out of this verse. But when I looked it up, these words weren’t there. I kept rereading it but each time was the same. Psalm 46:5 “God dwells in that city, it cannot be destroyed. From the very break of day, God will protect it”. What?! I was so confused. Where was my beloved girl power verse? I grabbed my phone; and google and I got to work figuring out this mystery.


What I read shocked me. The “her” in the verse we often hear quoted is referring to “that city” in my version. So this verse is actually not about women at all, but about a city, the city of Zion, the city of God. This is not a personal psalm or even plasm of praise-it is a psalm about God’s mighty power. We see this more in the surrounding verses  (such as verse 6b “God’s voice thunders and the earth melts”). And the chapter begins….


God is our refuge and strength, always ready to help in times of trouble. So we will not fear when earthquakes come and mountains crumble into the sea. 


This eye opening experience teaches me it is important to dive deep into God’s word searching for the truth, not just a cute catch phrase. The Bible is so much more than that. When we search for what God is actually saying in his Word it surpasses anything that we could manipulate or make up ourselves. This verse so beautifully shows me God’s peace, power, compassion, and his desire to help me when I need it the very most. With God I do not need to fear, worry or stress about anything. He is with me, loves me and is bigger than it all!  Wow, I’ll take that over a cute coffee mug quote any day!


Have you even been surprised about the actual meaning of a popular verse? I’d love to hear about it! (to comment, click the title and scroll down.)

February 27, 2019
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