The Single Mom’s Amazon Guide to Gettin’ Those Goals

Amazon Prime is a single mom’s best friend, seriously. Shop for practically anything on my phone at literally anytime, OR search store after store with a very active, easily bored 5 year old until we hopefully find what we set out for in the first place…yeah the choice is pretty clear.


I have put together some things from Amazon (which I personally use myself everyday) that will help you start out 2019 strong!


  Get Planning with the Expect Miracles Planner

I LOVE this planner. Call me old fashioned, but I need a paper planner. I use it for everything throughout the year; scheduling plans and appointments, creating my to do lists, writing notes-everything goes in the planner. Without it I’d be a mess…well a bigger mess. I’ve used other planners in the past (like the Passion Planner and the Happy Planner, which can also be found on Amazon). They are all good but I definitely like this planner the best. It has a ton of pages for goal setting and even (yearly and monthly) pages for vision boards! Cute highlighters like this help keep my planner super organized (and super cute). This planner has all you need to keep you on track with your goals all year long!


But First Coffee

Of course I gotta start my day with a cup coffee (OK who are we kidding….2 cups). Using a pretty and inspirational coffee mug like this is a great way to start your day off right. And how can “she believed she could so she did” not get you motivated to take on the day?!


Drink Up with a Decorative Water Bottle

Although I love my coffee, I know I need my water. I always feel better and more motivated when I drink water throughout the day. Water is seriously good for you and will improve your heath, complexion, and energy levels. But even with all these positives why is so hard to actually drink water?? For me I need a convenient (and cute!) way to drink my water and this bottle is it. It also keeps my water cold which is great. Since getting this beautiful floral bottle I’ve been drinking more water, am more energized and feel better-what a way to start 2019!


  Boost Your Mood with a Diffuser and Essential Oils

Smell is a powerful sense and fragrance can directly influence our mood. Using a diffuser with essential oils can provide you energy and focus as you work on your goals (or a calm relaxing sent after you’ve worked hard!). This diffuser has several colored lights you can choose from and also can be preset for how long you would like it to run. Plus it’s beautiful so it looks great displayed out in your living room!


Being a single mom is tough but these awesome amazon finds can make it a little easier. I hope they will be helpful to you, like they have been to me, as you work towards those 2019 goals. We’ve got this ladies! Who’s with me?


What Amazon item (one of these or another) is going to help you get your goals in 2019? Share below, I’d love to hear from you.


For full disclosure purposes, I do receive a small portion of the sales from the items linked above. 

January 5, 2019
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